This transceiver can be seen as the sucessor of the famous SE20. Several version for 70cm, 2m and 4m have been produced. It’s the reduced version of the SE-140 which looks similar but has more keys and channels

To use the radio on the amateur bands, you need the IPP-110 software and cable, in order to programm the radio.
The software only run on 286 or 386 computers. You must also install the ANSI.sys DOS Driver, or the PC screen will look quite!

Technical caracteristics common to all SE-110 models

Max. channel number6
ModulationFM or PM
RF Power [W]1/2.5 (mostly)
Voltage [V]7.5 nom (6.5..9.0)
Weight with 600 [mAh] battery [g]460
DesignationFrequency band [MHz]
SE 110-162146-174
SE 110-462430-470

Some simple to solve issues with this radio are described on this page.

Numbering scheme

Ascom SE-Serie Radio Model Number
Gerätebezeichnungssystematik für tragbare und mobile Funkgeräte ab 1.1.92 SE-XXX-XXX-X-XXXXX-X..
Example SE-160-082-2

TypFreq. BandTX PowerChannel SpacingModel VariationOption
 110=SE11004=33..45MHz0=driver only1=12.5kHzS = Standard
140=SE14005=45..58 MHz1= 1.0 W2=20/25kHzE = SBB with Keyboard
160=SE16008=68..88 MHz2= 2.5 W3= 25.0 kHzC = Crypto
540=SE54014=132..148 MHz5= 5.0 W5 = 50.0 kHzD = Digital
550=SE55016=146..174 MHZ6= 6.0 WT = Trunking
660=SE66020=173..224 MHz7= 10.0 WX = EEX
21=205..207 MHz8= 15.0 WCT = Crypto-Trunking
33=300..344 MHz9= 25.0 WDT = Digital-Trunking
42=400..425 MHz10=10 WEC = SBB with Keyboard + Crypto
43=400..440 MHz20=20WET = SBB with Keyboard + Trunking
45=425..450 MHz25=25WTX = Trunking + EEx 
Achtung : Subfrequenzbereich 147-156 MHZ !!
46=430..470 MHzTeco = Trunking + low grade
47=450..470 MHzSeco = standard + low grade (SE660)
92=892..980 MHzTXeco = Trunking + Ex + low grade

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Technical files

Some information provided by Darren G1ERM